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COVID Central addresses a critical lack in user accessibility to key COVID-19 information such as localized data and a variety of emergency crisis centers by serving as a comprehensive, feature-packed, all-in-one database.

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Localized COVID-19 Resource Information

Get Tested for COVID-19 Now

For those feeling sick, find the most recent COVID-19 testing center information from local news sources and national databases with extensive coverage regarding treatment possibilities.

Donate Convalescent Plasma Today

For patients that have fully recovered from COVID-19, locate nearby convalescent plasma donation centers to have your antibodies aid in the fight against COVID-19.

Obtain Free Emergency Food Supplies

For those in dire need, find local food pantries and food banks across the country that provide free food supplies during this COVID-19 public health crisis.

Take Our COVID-19 Risk Assessment Survey

Based on Scientific Literature

Our questions are formulated according to the most recent scientific journals and information regarding COVID-19 pathology.

Forms a Prediction in Seconds

To assess your potential risk for COVID-19, our thorough risk assessment survey offers questions that formulate a self-diagnosis based on your symptoms. This assessment also evaluates your susceptibility to more severe conditions of COVID-19 based on your medical history, age, and lifestyle.

Advises Based on Prediction

Based on your responses to our thorough questions, we use a complex algorithm to calculate your risk of having COVID-19 or other related illnesses.

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